Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Today when to Card Masters a card shop at Dhoby Ghaut to play in a tournament even thought i did not top but still going to post as i have not post anything for a long time

Tourney report :
deck played : quick dandy

1st round vs six sam xox

game 1 : killed by normal six sam moves (gateway,grand master, 2 kizan + mizhou)

game 2 : i think he had a bad hand so i summon all my synchro monsters and rush him all the way

game 3 : it was a tough game becos i was fighting against his draw cos if he drew a gateway i will lose and he had summon trishula before so it was a -3 instanly for me but i did lots of "lacksacking" lol but still die

2nd round vs zombie oo

game 1 he push me till i had 1400 and he had 4000 after using solem judgment he had a brionac
and a goyo on field.my turn i drew a debris and my hand had a dandy lion and a quickdraw synchron so i use quick draw to summon a drill warrior and had 2 token on field and use debris to summon scrap dragon and turn the game around

game 2 i had a good hand and just did an otk on him on the 4th turn

3rd round vs BF oo

game 1 did the drill warrior loop and slowly take back caius and remove his black feathers

game 2 did the same thing as the 1st round after playing wif him i found out that he did not have kulat as he did not use the black whirl wind to search out kulat wif bora but sreach out brizzard after that i use trap dust shoot wanting to shoot his kulat back but found out theres none and i had caius on field

4th round vs ancient gear machiers oo

game 1 i just control as i had many solem warning

game 2 for same reason i got the same hand as game 1and just do the same thing

well got into top 8 but there is onli prizes for top 4 and to save time the point u get from the swiss will decide weather u get to top 4


A friend of mine who is playing SIX SAM and had been playing ygo for 2 years lost to a 7year old boy playing BF and only just STARTED PLAYING YESTERDAY lol not going to say who the six sam player is but i think he better buck up and for god sake stop saying the boy is luck sack i think he already plan it le lor well i think he might become the next world champion good luck to the boy playing BF u have a bright future lol


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