Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Today when to Card Masters a card shop at Dhoby Ghaut to play in a tournament even thought i did not top but still going to post as i have not post anything for a long time

Tourney report :
deck played : quick dandy

1st round vs six sam xox

game 1 : killed by normal six sam moves (gateway,grand master, 2 kizan + mizhou)

game 2 : i think he had a bad hand so i summon all my synchro monsters and rush him all the way

game 3 : it was a tough game becos i was fighting against his draw cos if he drew a gateway i will lose and he had summon trishula before so it was a -3 instanly for me but i did lots of "lacksacking" lol but still die

2nd round vs zombie oo

game 1 he push me till i had 1400 and he had 4000 after using solem judgment he had a brionac
and a goyo on field.my turn i drew a debris and my hand had a dandy lion and a quickdraw synchron so i use quick draw to summon a drill warrior and had 2 token on field and use debris to summon scrap dragon and turn the game around

game 2 i had a good hand and just did an otk on him on the 4th turn

3rd round vs BF oo

game 1 did the drill warrior loop and slowly take back caius and remove his black feathers

game 2 did the same thing as the 1st round after playing wif him i found out that he did not have kulat as he did not use the black whirl wind to search out kulat wif bora but sreach out brizzard after that i use trap dust shoot wanting to shoot his kulat back but found out theres none and i had caius on field

4th round vs ancient gear machiers oo

game 1 i just control as i had many solem warning

game 2 for same reason i got the same hand as game 1and just do the same thing

well got into top 8 but there is onli prizes for top 4 and to save time the point u get from the swiss will decide weather u get to top 4


A friend of mine who is playing SIX SAM and had been playing ygo for 2 years lost to a 7year old boy playing BF and only just STARTED PLAYING YESTERDAY lol not going to say who the six sam player is but i think he better buck up and for god sake stop saying the boy is luck sack i think he already plan it le lor well i think he might become the next world champion good luck to the boy playing BF u have a bright future lol


Tuesday, 9 November 2010

six samurai

With the new set coming out (Storm of Ragnarok 「ストーム・オブ・ラグナロク ) there are lots of people who are saying that six samurai might become one of the top tiers as the new set have alot of support for it like Shien's Smoke Signal 紫炎の狼煙 whose effect is to add 1 Level 3 or lower "Six Samurai" monster from your deck to your hand and they even have their very own synchro monster True Six Samurai - Shien 「真六武衆-シエン」who is once per turn when your opponent activates a Magic or Trap card. Negate that activation, and destroy that card. Also, if this face-up card on the field is destroyed, you can destroy 1 other face-up "Six Samurai" monster instead and wif gateway of the six reprinted in ocg extra pack 3 ocg can be as strong as tcg or even stronger.

In storm of ragnarok the six samurais also has a new name which is True Six Samurai which can swarm the field faster and they even have tuners which makes them have access to synchro monsters

well this is the the end of the six samurai report

Friday, 29 October 2010

reviews on Black Feather - Zephyros of the Elite 「BF-精鋭のゼピュロス」

after trying it in my BF deck for a few tournaments i feel that bora the black spear is much better and it is not so useful in a BF deck as in a bf deck there is not much cards u want to return to your hand unless it is a kalut or bora or gale,plus it is not a trigger effect

the good points of this card is that if u have a face up kalut on the field that u want to return to hand and u have a black whirlwind and u have more than 400 life points u can use its effect to send kalut back to hand and summon it again to search wif whirlwind

the bad point if u have less than 400 life points and u need zephyros it can not be summon and if u do not have a tuner or icarus the card will become very useless as its attack is only 1600

well in overall i think that zephyros is best played in decks like grave bf or dandy warrior or quick draw dand or any deck that sends monster to the grave very fast

Friday, 22 October 2010

fun tourney at amk

today when to a nearby shop to have a mini tournament wif my friends lol,i used a fun deck which was skilless wings

game 1: vs grave BF 0-0

round 1:i rush him and use shura beat down

round 2: he summon arms wing from grave using vayu and beat me down as i had no more cards on hand to turn the tables he control from there

round 3: he had a bad hand and i use my shura plus whirlwind to control and beat him down

game 2: vs BF -0-

round 1: i was wining wif my bora and gale when he dark hole me and use dark armed epic then next turn i summon mine and destory his next turn he summon shura and used kulat and attack for game as i only had 1000lp left

round 2: i had skill drain and he did not know then his hand had 1 card and i had none so he use bora plus gale for blackrose and i open skill drain and beat him down

round 3:i had control the game very well but he top deck a monster reborn and do otk stun then i had nothing to stop from doing so

game 3: vs machiner00

round 1: he had too many gadgets and i had too many shura then the gadgets become free food for my shura (i think he play 3 set of gadget lol )

round 2:he again had many gadget and i beat him down then he summon machiner fortess
and was icarus and i won from there

had to fight one more round for 3rd place as i had the same number of points as another

game 4: vs gb 0-0

round 1: i had many things to destroy his back row and set up next turn i anti delta crow his 4 back rows and won from there

game 2: he kept beating me down wif laquri and contact wif bestari to gain more advantage

game 3: both of us had only one hand my turn i drew into bilzzard and my hand had mst and i destroy his one set card and i use bilzzard to pull back my only monster in the grave which is kulat to syn into macigal android wack his face down monster card and my next turn drew oppression to win

so in the end got 3rd and had a bosster pack which got nothing much inside lol but today learn that android and oppression = combo for longer lasting use for oppression to oppress
011m.jpg 011m.jpg image by manjyoume1

Monday, 18 October 2010

tourney at ah soo

so today wanted to play test a deck that i lend from a friend of and went to ah soo to see if the people there are making a tourney and
the result yes lol

deck used : scrap geartown lol

round 1: vs machiners gadget 0-0

game 1 : he start 1st ,had a very good hand had a squall and chimera and granel and terrforming
and geartown and slowly beat him down

game 2 :had a cyber dragon on hand ready to contact, he summon red gadget then summon machiner fortess wack me
next turn i set card (book of moon) just in case he otk me. he summon red gadget and all wack me then i left 1200
next turn summon cyber dragon contact into 4000 wack him as he was open. next turn he summon fortess and green gadget
wack my chimeratech and use gadget to wack me lol

game 3:same as game 1 and beat him down wif granel and ancient gear dragon lol

round 2:vs herald of perfection

game 1:he start first and summon herald and start to lock down

game 2: same as game one but did a mistake i did not summon granel when had the chance lol

as there will be a bye and the there are only four prize and it was very late so players like me who had 1 win and 1lost
had to draw lots and the person who got a black card will be out of the tourney so i played very long as i was up against
herald so there is still a black card in one out of 2 cards and a friend of mine got to pick lot first and got a amazing black
card lol so i advance lol

round 3:vs BF
game 1 :he god bird me and make me -1 and after that i lost from there

game 2 : i send scrap beast to grave and summon chimera and he god bird me ,i summon granel and wack he had another god bird and bf monster on the field and did god bird and i chain starlight road he chain solem and i did mine too and won lol

so we shared prize in the end he won 1st and we shared pirze lol

Friday, 8 October 2010

starting on bloging lol

hi first of all i want to intro myself to u all. i am a ygo(yugioh) and ws ( Weiβ Schwarz ) player lol
For ygo i play a bf(black feather) deck and lightlord deck(now still trying to test it out).i have been playing ygo for half a month now and so far so good making lots of friends
For ws i play a ABS(angel beats) deck .have been playing ws for 2 month now lol but only have that small group of friends and have not really buy alot of the cards
location: i live in sg ang mo kio